The UK's Premium Brand of Modular Roof Racks, 4x4 Accessories & Chequer Plate Products
The UK's Premium Brand of Modular Roof Racks, 4x4 Accessories & Chequer Plate Products

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We offer you a wide range of standard products but if you're looking for something a little more individual or want us to design an accessory for a specific purpose we can help.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to see if we can help you. 

 Do you have a question about our products or services?     You may find the answer in the FAQ's section below:

Q   "I want a roof rack system that doesn't mean I have to drill holes in it (or my precious vehicle) just to mount anything onto it"


A    Only a Patriot roofrack system can ensure this. Patriot's rack accessories either bolt or clamp down onto it, so give your drill a day off and put your feet up! We offer ladders, spare wheel mounts, jerry can holders, hi-lift jack mounts, light brackets and so much more - what more could you ask?


Q   "What does the Patriot Luggage Rail set comprise of"


A    The luggage rail set is optional and can be purchased at any time. It consists of six pieces that act as a raised barrier, ideal when carrying luggage or other loads. In the set you get the front (rounded) rail, one (flat) rear rail, two long side rails, and two sloping sides. Basiscally the idea is that you can add/remove any or all of the pieces to configure the rails to suit your load. With a Patriot rack system you are not restricted in any way - we even offer a half-set luggage rail which allows unrestricted access to roof tents. Who else offers you so much flexibility in a roof rack system?


Q   "I have a Patriot Roof Rack but I am buying a different 4x4 vehicle - can I transfer the rack to my new vehicle?"


A    The answer depends on the length of the rack and the vehicle make and model it is being transfered from and to. It may be as simple as purchasing the suitable leg assemblies & crossmembers or the appropriate mounts. Please call us to discuss the availablity of a conversion kit.


Q   "I have a short Patriot Roof Rack but I  now need it to be a bit longer - will I have to buy a completely new, longer  rack instead?"


A    Fortunately for you, the answer is no, you dont' have to go to the expense of purchasing a new roof rack.  Our standard 0.8m extention kit could be the solution here. Other sizes are also available so please contact us for more information.


Q   "How much height will the rack add to my vehicle?"


A    There is a 1" (25mm) gap between the top of your roof and the bottom of our rack. The height of the rack frame itself is a further 2.5"(64mm) and if you fit the optional luggage rail this will add a further 4" (100mm) to the overall height. Please take into consideration your vehicle's individual suspension system and tyre pressures and on/offroad conditions - this is particularly good to bear in mind when entering/leaving car parks with barriers, or sizing up your garage !!


Q   "I would like to put a table or other gear under the rack but the usual 1" gap between the roof and the rack itself will not be enough - how can this be resolved?"


A    We can provide longer leg assemblies, which we call "Dutch" legs, to make the rack sit higher off the roof, increasing the gap to 104mm


Q   "How much does your roof rack weigh and how much weight can it carry?"


A    It depends on the length of the rack as to how much it weighs but, as an example, our 2.8m rack will weigh approximately 60kgs.  There is no specific weight limit for the roof rack itself - the only limitations are those specfied for Defenders by Land Rover which state that where roof mounted loads exceed 75kgs it will reduce the lean angle before the vehicle tips over. Their guidelines also say that no more than 125kgs should be carried on the roof of the vehicle and we always recommend that no more than 125kgs should be placed on any single-loading point of the rack.


Q   "I am going to buy a roof tent and also want to attach an extended awning on the the roof rack  -  do you make the compatible brackets for them?"


A    Yes, we make suitable fixing brackets for most of the popular brands of roof-top tents and awnings (Foxwing, Hannibal, ARB, Flatdog, Beduin etc) so there is absolutely no need to drill any holes in the rack itself - it's always a good idea to talk to us first when considering purchases of such items and their compatibilty just to make sure.


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